Sunday, 16 September 2012

Blog #1: The Learning Curve

This is my first attempt at blogging.

As a highly analytical and reflective individual, I have a tendency to let things 'percolate' a while before I share. This perhaps explains why I have waited until Sunday night to post my thoughts. I cannot attribute my 'procrastination' for lack idea(s) or inspiration. More so, as I consider why I have not previously entered into the phenomenon of blogging, I realize that even in my daily interactions with others, I truly contemplate the value and significance of what I have to share before I speak. Therefore, as I enter into the blogging world, I realize that this will truly move me beyond my comfort zone. No face-to-face interaction where I can immediately 'read' the reaction of others and clarify my ideas, should any misunderstandings occur. No immediate feedback to continue the conversation. In many ways, it feels like I am writing to an audience of

In my daily practice as I teacher, I feel very competent in using the tools availed to me and am not afraid to 'explore and play' to learn about new technology. I have learned to keep in step (or at least be a few steps behind) with the direction technology is taking but know I have not invested an adequate amount of time, energy or effort into understanding all that it has to offer. In many ways, I have learned to compartmentalize how I engage in different types of technology. I seek to improve upon my knowledge and experience in what I already know and find practical/useful. However, I tend to avoid using tools that I will 'compromise' my perceived anonymity. Therefore, I am excited about this course and the time I have this year, during my study leave to 'explore and play' with greater intention. I am open to the possibilities and opportunities that lie head!

By seeking to improve upon my knowledge and experience of technology, I know I will be better equipped to facilitate opportunities for my students to explore and play in this realm.

I am continually amazed and appreciative of the immediacy and utility that technology provides. However, I must admit that I still love the feeling of holding a book in my hands. I find great joy and satisfaction in reading a great picture book to my students. As an avid user of e-mail, I enjoy the receiving and responding to 'mail' on a daily basis but there's nothing quite like sitting down for a coffee with a friend. My preference is to call and hear a voice on the other line than to send a text or e-mail. Perhaps my 'world' is small and has allowed me to do this. As I am not in a school or classroom this year, perhaps, it's time that I seek to reinvent this world and to enlarge it's sphere.

I often feel like I'm caught between two worlds, which often seem to be drifting apart. As technology advances, I have no qualms in moving with it but I often question what is being traded or left behind as a result.

A quote that resonated with me this week in reviewing the first chapter of our text was, "play, questioning and - perhaps most important - imagination lie at the very heart of the arc-of-life learning (Thomas & Brown, 2011, p.19).

The learning curve right now seems a little steep for me. Technology has much to offer and I have much to learn.

Thomas, D. & Brown, J.S. (2011). A New Culture Of Learning: Cultivating the Imagination for a World of Constant Change. Seattle, WA: Create Space.